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Our Divisions

We have dedicated trained and experienced teams working in all Naval yards at Mumbai, Vishakhapatnam, Kochi, Karwar, Andaman & Nicobar and at all major shipyards of the country Our customers include Indian Navy, Coast Guard, MDL, GSL, CSL, HSL, GRSE & L&T. Our nearly 50% revenue comes from ship building segment.

We undertake Turnkey ship building contracts on Outfitting, Shafting, Cabling, Piping, installation of Machinery, Weapon Systems, Guns etc. and are involved from installation to STW & T&T.

We are proud to have our footprints in all major new ship/submarine building projects, under construction in all shipyards in the Country.

We are present in all disciplines including engineering, hydraulics, hull, HVAC, electrical, weapon/ gun systems, Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS), intergrating all major systems onboard for remote monitoring & controls on Data Bus.

The major new ship building projects, where we have done significant work includes : -

  • MDL - P15, P15A, P15B Destroyers, P17, P17A Frigates, Scorpion Submarine
  • GRSE - ASW Corvettes
  • HSL - Large Survey Vessel
  • GSL - OPVs, PCV
  • Following projects currently in progress:

    • Pipping, Fabrication, Installation & Pressure Testing on P17 A & P15 B - MDL
    • Pipping, Fabrication, Installation & Pressure Testing on SVL-HSL
    • Electrical & Weapon outfitting - P17 A - MDL

Some of the Key Ship Building Activities / Projects across Various Discipline / Class of Ships & Submarines undertaken by YMSPL are Shown in Pictures Below.

1. Our expertise in ships refits & engineering knowledge on diverse systems/ disciplines of various class of ships has resulted in successful execution of turnkey refits of 37 Ships including Fleet Tanker of Indian Navy-INS Deepak (21000 Tons) & 36 other Ships including AOPVs / OPVs (2400 tons) & FPVs (300 Tons) etc. We are the only company in India credited with installation of 26Nos-AK630 Gun, CRN 91 Guns & their Integration with SOP sights.

2. We have also developed good expertise in engineering, electrical & weapon system controls and have upgraded:

  • VME Boards & I/O Cards of IPMS for Deepak & Shakti.
  • Radar Processor Card of AMDR-3D Radar of P17 Class of ships.
  • TD Auxialry Controls of Vikramaditya

3. We have  played key role in NR of INS Vikramaditya, where in following major jobs were undertaken :-

  • Maiden replacement of boiler tubes with indigenous tubes
  • Upgraded boiler controls with indigenous processor & sensors
  • Repair / overhauled over 650 hydraulic & pneumatic valves, manipulator etc. with locally manufactured spares
  • Repair & overhauled arresting gear with local components
  • Completed overhaul, STW and Trials of Controls of TD Auxiliaries.
  • Repaired & overhauled AK 630 guns
  • All spares catalogued & can be provided for long term support of ship at fraction of cost as compared to imported cost of spares.

4. Submarine Refit & Repair

  • Our expertise in submarine repairs has resulted in Naval Dockyards (Mumbai & Visakhapatnam), HSL & MDSL regularly entrusting us with critical jobs like repair of hydraulic equipment, Rudders, Hull Valves, Torpedo Tubes, Mast etc.
  • Repair of Diving & Steering System, Hull Valves, Shaft Components.
  • Rate Contract for Removal & Re-installation of pipes, cables, air bottles, equipment etc - of 877 EKM Submarines.

5. Following major projects currently in progress in various yards:

  • Vikramaditya (NSRY Karwar) - Boiler Retubing, Boiler Controls, Hydraulic Valves/ HP Air Bottels repair overall and pressure testing.
  • Shishumar (MDL) - Overhalling & Repair of valves and Manufacture & Installation of System Piping
  • Kalveri (ND(Mb))- Repair/ Overall of SOM Mast
  • Mysore(ND(Vizag)) - Shafting - Sleeving/ Epoxy Bonding/ Alignment
  • Mysore(ND(Vizag)) - Rudder Overhalling
  • Talwar Class (MO(Mb)) - Propeller Repairs
  • Mumbai (ND(Mb)) - Degutting/ Routines/ Replacements of GT, GTG & RG - Structural Renewal, Deck Machinery
  • Shakti(L&T (Chennai)) - Top Overhall of DAs, Repair & overhall of RO Plant and A630 Guns
  • Shardul(GSL) & Sarvekash(CSL) - ATU/ AFU - Design, Manufacture & Installation.
  • OPB Stablizer Controls(Karwar)
  • ICGS Ankit Short Refit to commence in Dec 22

6. Some of the Key Refit Activities across various Disciplines / Class of Ships & Submarine undertaken by YMSPL are shown in Pictures Below.

We make marine systems like Pontoons, Caisson gate, Barges etc and work on oil & gas rigs/ platforms of ONGC/ SCI etc.

Presently we are making 3 - 280 Tons berting Pontoons & 1 - 1350 Tons Caisson Gate for DGNP/ ENC.

1. We have Collaborated with some of the best companies in the world to get customized & cost effective solutions locally. Major emphasis is on Reliability/ Maintainability/ Life Cycle cost of the equipment. We provide 360 Degree services in respect of these equipment starting from Supply/ Installation/ STW/ T&T/ Trials/ After Sales Support and Services through Rate Contract/ AMC/ Major Overhauls.

2. Following major equipment orders are in various stages of supply:

  • Supply of RAS/ FAS Equipment for SVL(GRSE), DSV(HSL), ASW Shallow Water Craft (GRSE, CSL), 1135.6 Fregat (GSL), Deepak (L&T)
  • Shakti : Spares for RO Plant.
  • FAPMO Spares

3. Details of OEM's with their products are depicted in "Products Category in Detail"

1.We have developed/ are developing user specific products for defence forces. One of the major product designed and under production/ supply is RESS system which is expected to prove as major force multiplier for our ships/ submarines at sea. The system involves design of high latency data network and is based on Patented Technology.

2.The RESS System aims to provide maintenance support for Embedded Systems in all modern systems of ships and submarine at sea without the need for them to return to harbour or yard for defecation. This is done using the existing satellite communication network of the Indian Navy through which specialised setup on the ships or submarines is able to communicate with complementary setup at SEGs or any other centre in yard for trials/ tuning/ defectation for direct and instant online help.

3. We are currently manufacturing 10 RESS Systems, which are planned to be delivered from Nov 22 to Jan 23.

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