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An ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 & 45001:2018 Certified Company

Core Competencies

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Core Competencies In

Refit/ Repairs/ Ship Building

Defence Products

Special Purpose Test Equipment

Design & Manufacture

Remote mgmt of Embedded Software

Satellite Data Link through specially designed & Patented solution

Bespoke Products matching needs of industry

Weapon System Installation

Installtion: Strengthening of Decks/Seating planarity checks

Datum alignment checks

Installation of all Auxillary Systems & their Integration

Connectorisation/ STW/T&T / Trials


Electrical & Electronics

Installation/ Repairs

Cabling/ Connectorization


STW/T&T /Trials

Motors / Generators/ DGs/ Switchboard/ Communication Systems

Controls & IPMS

Installation/ Repairs

Cabling/ Connectorisation

Integration with all systems for remote operation /Bridge/ MCR/ACR

STW/ T&T/ Trials

Obsolescence Mgmt


Equipment Installation,STW, Trials

Propulsion/ Shafting/ Engines/ Turbines/ DAs/ Boilers/ Auxilaries




Hull & Structures

Under Water Hull / Superstructure - Repairs/ New Construction

Special Structures/ Installation of Main Equipment

Hull Auxilaries

Boats & Davits Capstan

Marine structures; Pontoon, Caisson Gate

World-class services in all lifecycle aspects of ship and submarines

Hull & Structural Engineering

Refits, Refurbishments and Repair works of all hull types. All essential systems.

Main Propulsion & Auxiliaries

All Propulsion systems, Power Generation Equipment and all auxiliaries

Weapon and Electrical Systems

Installation and STW for W&L Systems. Indigenization projects.


  • AK-630

    FCS, Mounting and Sensors

  • Deck Machinery

    Davit, Cranes, Winches, Capstans, Windlass. Installation, Load Testing and Repai…

  • Dry Dock Tasks

    Underwater hull refurbishment & Painting

  • EW Systems

    Installation, STW and HATS/ SATS

  • Fabrication

    FRP/ GRP hatches and components

  • Fabrication

    Precision fabrication for Weapon & EW Systems installations

  • Fabrication

    Titanium, MS, SS and CuNi Fabrication

  • Fire-Fighting Systems

    Installation, Repair and renewal

  • Hydraulic


  • Hydraulic Systems

    Turnkey Installation, Repair and Refits.

  • Indigenization

  • Indigenization

  • Indigenization

    Labyrinth Seal Assembly – INS Virat

  • Indigenization

    Labyrinth Seal Assembly – INS Virat

  • Indigenization

    Labyrinth Seal Assembly – INS Virat

  • Indigenization

    Helo-hangars, Capstans, Bow Thruster Controls etc.

  • Indigenization

  • Indigenization

  • Indigenization – Maiden R…

  • IPMS

    Installation, STW and HATS/ SATS

  • Main Propulsion

    Blade Repair & Dynamic Balancing

  • Main Switchboard

    Switchgear, PCBs, Control gear, Bus Bars. Repair and Refurbishments.

  • PGD

    All Change Over Switches

  • PGD

    Electrical cabling and connector terminations.

  • PGD

    All Galley Equipment

  • PGD Equipment

    Support to OEMs in DI/ DR, STW, HATS and SATS

  • Piping

    Fabrication, Installation, Repair and renewal

  • Propellers

    Gear Box, Propellers, CPP, GT Auxiliary sub-systems

  • Pumps

    Ship’s AC, Compressors & HEs. Repair and Refurbishment.

  • RESS

    Remote Embedded Systems Support

  • RO Plant

    RO Plants, STPs and Oily Water Separators.

  • Shafting

    Lagging & Insulation installation and refurbishment for all ships

  • Ship’s Stabilizer

    Overhaul, Repairs, STW and T&T

  • Weapon Systems

    Turnkey Installation

  • Weapon Systems

    Installation, STW and HATS/ SATS